Three Advantages of DID (Direct-Inward-Dial) Numbers

In the telecommunications industry, a DID number is a direct inward dial number. DID allows you to add extra toll free or local numbers to your account. These additional numbers can then be attached to specific user extensions. Callers who have this direct number can bypass theĀ auto attendant, allowing them to directly reach the person assigned to that extension.

DID numbers are actually virtual numbers. They offer you the option to give certain individuals direct lines without needing several physical phone lines. This makes telephone service more cost effective for your business.

DIDs offer significant advantages to your company. With DIDs, you will be able to:

Track Your Marketing Efforts

Being able to track your marketing efforts is crucial to knowing what strategies were successful, and which were not. By assigning DID numbers to your different marketing efforts, you can see exactly how many calls resulted from those campaigns.

Improve Customer Service for a Better Caller Experience

With a DID number, the caller is directed to one individual or a department. That means callers with the DID number often get much better service. Not everyone who calls a business needs a direct line to executives or specialized support services, but those who do will appreciate being able to easily reach their intended contact quickly and easily.

Attract Local Customers

You can purchase local DID numbers for your business, for any locality, whether or not you actually have a presence there. A local number is very attractive to customers as they often view your company as a local provider. Callers often select a local phone number over toll-free numbers and long distance calls almost every time.

Get DID numbers for your business to transform your ROI and better customer experiences today. Additional DID lines can be added to your Halloo account for $4.95 per month. Email [email protected] to add this feature today.

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