5 Friendly Cities for Startups

Considering where to locate your new business? Check out these start-up friendly U.S. cities.


Startups are flourishing in the Raleigh area, boosting the area’s economic outlook. Raleigh ranks ninth among large U.S. cities for economic growth, according to WalletHub.

Located in North Carolina’s hilly Piedmont area, the state’s capitol is known worldwide for its Research Triangle Park – a high-tech research and development hub that’s central to Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill’s business community.

While most cities are lucky to have one tech startup accelerator, the Raleigh-Durham area has several. Joystick Labs focuses on the area’s burgeoning gaming community, Launchbox Digital is a standard franchised incubator, and Bull City Forward and Durham Coworking are driven by local efforts.

Diverse People Working and Startup Business Concept

Atlanta (and surrounding areas)

Atlanta serves as the primary transportation hub of the Southeast with Delta Airlines running the world’s largest airline hub at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Atlanta is also home to The Coca-Cola CompanyHome DepotUnited Parcel Service, and AT&T Mobility plus media corporations like Cox Communications, Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, and the Weather Channel.

Atlanta has attracted hundreds of young, forward-looking entrepreneurs in the last several years. The list of start-ups credited to this group includes Kabbage, which offers small business financing, the Mowgli game company, and Monsier, an artificially intelligent robotic bartender.

Nearby suburb, Alpharetta, is considered the “Technology City of the South,” with more than 600 tech companies calling this area home. This area has made a commitment to offering a broad network of fiber optic data lines and download speeds that are 60 percent faster than the national average – a crucial factor for finance technology companies, according to a recent Inc.com article.

Atlanta-based businesses have access to talent from Georgia Institute of Technology and major venture capital firms like Invesco. The ATC Innovation Center, fosters mobile technology development and co-working while other co-working spaces in the area include Roam Alpharetta and Thrive.


Boston’s Innovation District has transformed the South Boston Waterfront into an urban environment that fosters innovation and collaboration. District Hall, a civic center in that community, provides space for networking, events, coworking, shared labs, pop-up shops, and workshops. Since its inception, the district has added more than 5,000 new jobs in over 200 new companies.

Education and biotechnology are the leading industries in the Boston metro area, with more than 100 colleges and universities – including Harvard, MIT, and Boston University – and several of the country’s best hospitals. Boston is also in a hub for financial services, hosting two Fortune 500 insurance companies, Liberty Mutual and Mass Mutual. It’s also home to T.J. Maxx, Raytheon and Biogen.

San Jose

San Jose’s business environment succeeds in large part due to strong ties between the region’s universities, financiers and government. Programs like the San Jose/Silicon Valley Emerging Technology Innovation Hub (or iHub) push for even greater collaboration to increase entrepreneurism, jobs, and research funding.

Roughly 2,000 entrepreneurs recently participated in The Startup Conference in nearby Redwood.

San Jose also offers incubators such as the San Jose BioCube, a life sciences facility and innovation hub for early-stage and high-potential companies, and Spartups, a three-month program that helps entrepreneurs with customer development, revenue, and product development strategies.


MarketWatch recently decided to name the Dallas-area as the country’s most “business-friendly city.”  MarketWatch cites growth in gross domestic product, personal income, labor force and high vitality for its choice.

Dallas’ location midway between the East and West Coasts makes it easier for businesses to reach operations, markets and suppliers. With the International Inland Port of Dallas, “the city has become the nation’s premier logistics and distribution center for good and services ….and a catalyst for investment, job growth and development of sustainable communities,” says the Dallas Office of Economic Development.

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