Sigalert Keeps Your Commutes Clear As Possible

While some navigation apps focus on how to get you from point A to point B, other navigation apps instead focus on getting you there without incident. That’s just what Sigalert looks to do for iOS users, especially those with new iPhone 5 models.

The Sigalert app is actually part of a larger network of properties, especially a web site by the same name. This is a more mobile-friendly equivalent, which is just what users need when they’re out traveling in the first place. Both Sigalert and connect ot a large network of traffic cameras to observe traffic as it’s moving. While this would normally sound like either a colossal waste of time or a perverse invasion of privacy, when it comes to being actually out on the road, it’s a powerful resource. With the power of a huge network of traffic cameras on hand, it’s pretty easy to spot potential traffic impediments before you even encounter them. SigAlert also has information about the speed at which the traffic is moving, as well as frequent updates on construction, traffic jams, or even accidents.

The interface is a solid and handy one to work with–good for the touchscreens offered on the iOS hardware–and it’s hard to dispute its sheer capability in the face of the obstacles it seeks to work around. If you want to know what roads are looking dicey, and what roads look to offer clear and safe running, well, Sigalert will go a long way toward doing just that. It’s not without its problems, however; some may have trouble getting the iOS app to zoom to work, and it certainly doesn’t help that Sigalert only offers its impressive traffic coverage in certain cities, meaning a large amount of the population that will simply go uncovered by the impressive array of options that Sigalert offers. Additionally, the placement of advertising in this free app is less than ideal, and may rub some users the wrong way.

Getting from one place to another easily and efficiently is a great start for any small business, but it’s certainly not the only step to take. Having cloud-based telephony tools like live agent consoles and auto attendant on hand will give customers plenty of opportunity to get in contact with you, as opposed to the other way around.

Sigalert may not be right for everybody, but for those living in the correct areas–or who find themselves traveling in those areas frequently–they’ll certainly find at least some value in Sigalert’s reporting.