Seattle, Washington: The City of Amusement, Business and Coffee

Seattle Skyline

As the city of rich green forests, high caffeine consumption and thriving tech industry, there is no mistake as to why Seattle, Washington is one of the fastest-growing major cities. This “Emerald City” fosters a vibrant culture, strong community and endless amounts of cups of coffee.

With major corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon, Nordstrom and more, Seattle is known to produce successful businesses of all sizes. From startups like OfferUp, a digital marketplace that gives Craigslist and eBay a run for its money, and Heptio, a company that took the Google software Kubernetes and transformed it into its own booming business, Seattle is a hub for innovation. Each year the city expands in size and more tech firms are moving out to the Silicon Valley of the Northwest.

Ranked by Forbes as the #4 Best Place for Business and Careers, this seaport town is home to around 700,000 residents in the city and nearly 2.9 million in the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area total. From small, local businesses to large corporations, there are many job opportunities around the region. However, it is not all work and business in Seattle. From the coffee scene to the NFL and MLB teams, Seattle Seahawks and Mariners, this major city offers many avenues to have fun and enjoy the culture.

Nicknamed as “The Emerald City” for its evergreen forests and once predominately as “Jet City” due to the presence of the world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing, Seattle is a widely diverse city of landscapes and activities. From downtown area and the famous Pike’s Place Market to Mount Rainer and its National Park, there are many things to do inside and out.

Seattle has numerous iconic landmarks including the Space Needle, Century Square Street Clock, Pike Place Market and more. Popular movies and television shows including Sleepless in Seattle (1993),  It Happened At The World’s Fair (1963), Frasier and Grey’s Anatomy are set in the beautiful town in northwest of Washington. But it would be a shame to not address the high caffeine consumption that takes place in this bustling city. Where the first Starbucks was born, Seattle loves their cup of Joe. Along with Starbucks, there are countless coffee shops and cafes, perfect spots to relax or get work done.

Known as the“Gateway to Alaska”, Seattle houses one of the largest port in the United States, which also operates the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as well as a popular gateway for trade and cruises. As the 12th largest metropolitan economy in the United States, The Port of Seattle contributes to the billions brought into the city’s pocket. As one of the smarter cities in America, Seattle also is starting to make a conscious effort to become a green economy and to decrease gas emissions.

From the fish-throwers of Pike Place Market to the many up and coming startups and small businesses flourishing in the city, Seattle provides a fun and profitable lifestyle for all.

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