The City of a Thousand Nicknames: Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri

From classic Kansas City-style barbecue to its ironic city name, Kansas City, Missouri makes for both a fun getaway vacation or prosperous place of business. All you have to do is understand and embrace Kansas City, Missouri as one of a kind.

Even though these two separate cities share a border, Kansas City, Missouri is quite different from its fraternal twin in Kansas state and in fact is not a bi-state city like St Louis or Louisville, according to University of Nebraska Lincoln. This Missouri town has gained many nicknames from its birth year of 1889 from “Gateway to the Southwest” to “City of Fountains” to “Paris of the Plains” to “Heart of America”. Each one demonstrating all of what Kansas City has to offer.

Once known as the “Gateway to the Southwest”, Kansas City, Mo was a significant destination and connection spot in the Midwest with its railroads and transportation sites. This primetime area where Kansas City resides also aids to its other nickname as “Heart of America” where its location is near both the Mean center of the United States population and the geographic center of the 48 contiguous states, according to the United States Census Bureau.

Skyline of Kansas City, MO

Home to over 200 fountains, the “City of Fountains” has built an identity around its overflowing water structures. Claiming to have the second most number of fountains in the world behind Rome, this Missouri town takes pride in its beautiful landscapes that sculpts the city’s community and culture. The Women’s Leadership Fountain, built in 1899, still remains the oldest fountain in the city and created the path for more to be designed and honored in the hundreds of years to come.

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Because of its rich history, culture and strong community, Kansas City, Mo offers a great location for local and small businesses. Supporting and purchasing from one another creates a successful environment for small companies all around the area. KCSourceLink even claims that most new jobs are supplied by local businesses so it’s encourage to start your business here.

Along with small business, the Kansas City economy is very prominent in the Midwest. From the medical centers such as HCA Midwest Health System and Saint Luke’s Health System to Sprint Corporation to Hallmark Cards, Inc. to the Federal Government, Kansas City’s economy is widely-diverse. And if you want an insight to the business community, two major business magazines, the Kansas City Business Journal (published weekly) and Ingram’s Magazine (published monthly), as well as other publications, such as a local society journal, The Independent (published weekly), all help to aid the businesses in Kansas City, Mo.

With business comes pleasure, and the people of Kansas City know how to have fun. A staple of the community and long-reigning dish is the classic Kansas City-style barbecue.

Sites and publications like Kansas City Barbecue Society feature the best places to get this delicious treat and where to look out for your next meal. Dating back from the early 20th century, this unique cooking of barbecue originally came from Memphis but after years of perfecting it to its own Kansas City-style, this dish has drawn in people from around the country to come and try this barbecue masterpiece.

With notable restaurants including Joe’s Kansas City BBQ and Arthur Bryant’s, it would be a missed opportunity to pass up this mouthwatering experience.

With an energetic and popular live music scene, genres such as jazz and blues are instrumental to Kansas City’s culture. The annual “Kansas City Blues and Jazz Festival” and countless jazz clubs create the ideal nightlife and speak to the presence this city leaves on its visitors as well as residents.

Kansas City continues to flourish with its musical, cuisine, architectural and business endeavors. Maybe it’s time to join the fun and start a business or expand in Kansas City. Find a Kansas City, Mo area phone number for your business.

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