Review: USPS Mobile App–Great For A Mail-Heavy Small Business

Let’s face it, folks: a paperless office is still pretty much just a pipe dream. Business–especially small business–runs on paper and that requires mail. That means you’re going to be dealing with the post office and in a fashion that’s a lot more handy than the post office itself, they’ve got an app for you.

It’s called the USPS Mobile app, and it’s going to give you almost all of the post office in the palm of your hand. Except, of course, the part of the post office that actually moves your stuff around.

The USPS Mobile app gives you access to a variety of mail related functions, including locators for post offices and collection boxes in general (and I tell you this much, that alone is more valuable than you might think–more on that in a minute), as well as mapping functions for same, ZIP Code lookups, price calculations so you know how much your package will ship for, and access to track and confirm systems so you know when your package will arrive…coming or going.

Back when I was working accounts management, I often had to send out mail and from unfamiliar areas. An app like this, that would have given me clear maps to follow from where ever I happened to be at the time would have saved me a whole lot of strain, stress, and asking around at gas stations for the nearest mailbox. And, should you be in the type of business that has you traveling to a lot of trade shows, then something like this would be especially useful. It’s not the easiest to use, though, as it took me a couple tries just to download the thing from iTunes, but still, getting it started will give you a lot of edge in your package delivery.

So if your small business has you hitting the post office on a regular basis, then you’ll almost certainly want the USPS Mobile app in your toolbox, so you’ll always know where your packages need to go, and where you need to go to get all your mailing paraphernalia around.

Score ***

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