Review: Cardagin Networks–Great For The Brick And Mortar Crowd

You’ve probably seen recently that Cardagin Networks managed to snag a heap of cash at its mobile loyalty platform, like $4.25 million worth of heap. But what is a mobile loyalty platform? What can it do for your business? And of course, from there, is it even worth your time to consider?

A mobile loyalty platform, like Cardagin’s or Sundrop Mobile’s, is designed to let you collect data about your customers, and then use that data to design promotions, or to sell that data elsewhere. Meanwhile, it offers your customers special offers in exchange for that data like special promotional offers. It’s a lot like Groupon, but it’s geared to keep the customers that it brings in, rather than just trying to bring in fresh ones over and over. It also lets you track your customers, and when your customers get within range of your business’s brick and mortar location, Cardagin will send ads–possibly with promotional offers–to them.

The big thing about mobile loyalty platforms is that they’re dependent on mobile technology. If you have a brick and mortar storefront, then a mobile loyalty network could be very valuable, especially if you’re selling goods or services geared toward young people, who habitually carry their mobile gear around with them. But if you’re not dealing with a customer base that’s big on mobile gear, or if you’re strictly an online business, you may not be able to get a lot of use out of this.

Still though, for small businesses having trouble with marketing, you might be needing the little extra punch that a mobile loyalty platform can provide. It’s a bit of a niche product, but in the right niche, it could be invaluable.

Score ***

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