Review: Localicious–A Boon To Local Mapping

We all know that small businesses need marketing. Whether you’re advertising on television, on radio, or on the internet, you’ve got an advertising presence somewhere. But there’s a new app out there that may have an effect on your advertising mix, and that’s the new White Pages app for Android, known as Localicious.

Localicious gives local businesses a major opportunity, in that Localicious deals with local results. Localicious covers fully eighty thousand neighborhoods in the United States, and serves up information about twenty one million businesses. Users can sort their results, receive realtime tips and so-called “hot spot alerts” to keep them updated on the local area, and they can even check maps of their neighborhood and others as well.

This is going to be a huge help for individual entrepreneurs, as long as their venture is a brick and mortar operation. With users able to sort their results with an increasing amount of precision, it reduces the chances that their business will be overlooked in favor of others. Getting into the “hot spot alerts” system is another field worth investigating, as getting those announcements out to potential customers, who would then be able to map a business’ location, would serve as an easy source of advertising.

For anyone who’s running a brick and mortar storefront–especially a bar or restaurant, or similar nightlife location–Localicious is going to be an app you’ll want to study to the fullest, as this could really help light a fire under your business.


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