Review: Google Plus For Business, a Possible Facebook Competitor?

We’ve seen it before, haven’t we? Oh, yes, indeed-y. They were called MySpace (excuse me, the hip name now is My____) and Facebook — the gladiator match of the decade and anyone can arguably say that Facebook won. Seriously, you get onto the MySpace page and notice that you can login to your Space using your login and password from Facebook! Facebook’s saying ‘I’m the Gate Keeper. What I say goes.’

So what can we say about Google? Facebook’s getting up in Google’s face. Huh? Huh? What up?

Enter: The Google Plus Innovation

Now to be fair, let’s not discount the corporate mega-monster that is Google. After all, they pioneered the art of internet searching. They embodied everything that made the internet a common household name. Do a search for something? Sure thing! Get on Google. Hey, I ‘googled’ you online and found your picture in an e-newsletter. Wow! Yes, the word ‘googled’ even exists now, I believe, in the dictionary.

What is this “Google Plus” thing, though? Think of Facebook, people. You should get the picture.

What you’re basically looking at is Google on a ‘social level.’ It’s a setup designed very much like a Facebook, or a MySpace, or even a LinkedIn. It’s a ‘page,’ complete with social features you’d expect to find everywhere on several sites all over cyberspace.

This is totally new stuff, all right? So don’t freak out. You can do a search on it and find out that the moguls at Google are simply calling it the ‘Google+ Project.’ It’s in “beta” form right now, being tested by a small group of select people. Don’t worry — you may have the opportunity to try it yourself; you simply have to enter in your e-mail, and Google will contact you once they add more users for their trial basis.

So Explain to Me Some of the Google Plus Details

Easy peasy. A lot of it is pretty innovative! Could you expect anything less from the cyber-giant of search engines, Google?

First off, while it has similar taste and design to a standard Facebook page, some of the features are pretty inventive, extending the bar of possibility far beyond what any other social site has done so far. Including Facebook.

Google Plus, for instance, will have what are called ‘Huddles.’ Think Facebook Chat, only you can do it with multiple users! Now that’s convenient. Or how about the ‘Hangouts’ feature? Basically, that’s a way for you to utilize — for the very first time — a video chat with — yes, you guessed it — multiple users! Multiple, multiple, multiple. You see a trend here? Or how about the ‘Instant Download’ feature? Now don’t get me wrong — Facebook’s download feature is just fine. But once you get a load of this “instant download” thing, and it’ll blow you away. When they say ‘instant,’ they really do mean instant.

That’s apparently just a taste of what this Google Plus innovation’s going to be, especially for small businesses. Here’s what you have to keep in mind, though —

Too Little, Too Late, Google

Think back to the MySpace/Facebook battle and understand that this is a totally different ball game. Back then, it was “social site” versus “social site.” The honest trust was the battlefield was pretty level back then.

Here’s a battlefield, though, for today that resembles absolutely nothing remotely level. It’s “search engine” versus “social site.” And we’re sorry to say — the “social site” will win.

It’s understandable that Google would put into play this ‘innovation’ that is “Google Plus,” or as they would coin Google+. They want to get into the social game in a big way. It’s the internet wave of the future. We’ve gone from using the internet just to ‘find things’ to using the internet to ‘socialize.’ And just when you thought the archaic ‘chat room’ died out! You remember that little Java applet, don’t you?

Yes, Google Plus sort of looks like a Facebook page. Google has that down pat. But here’s the thing: it’s too little, too late.

The fact is Facebook is always evolving. They’re always improving on themselves. Think of how many times you’ve seen your Facebook page change up! They’re always going to stay on top of the game.

What you’ll be looking at is a mega-giant like Google trying to take some serious shots at the brick wall that has become Facebook. This is a wall that’s not going to come down.

So if you’re thinking about small businesses and the obvious necessity to own a Facebook page, don’t count on any conversions from the ultra social site of the century to a rather innovative upstart that is Google Plus. It’ll be way too much of a hassle. Believe me.

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