Review: Gliffy Gets Things Done in a Jiffy

I tell you — rarely is it possible for a Google app to impress me. And wouldn’t you know it — it takes an app that simply focuses on usability. Nothing fancy. Nothing revolutionary. Just usable! The app is called “Gliffy.”

Rating: 4.95 out of 5 stars

Gliffy: Just Shy of Perfection!

You know in my heart of hearts, I can’t give a perfect rating. That almost goes against the code of review writing. But damn it, Gliffy gets close there!

Nowhere in my research of this phenomenal Google app for business called for a lack of something or a deficiency in this thing or that thing. It does what it’s supposed to do, and it does it well.

What Does Gliffy Do?

Just auto attendants are meant to handle specific tasks and call centers serve their exact purpose to a tee, Gliffy does the same. It was built to do something, and it does it.

Focusing on productivity, Gliffy is an app that allows project managers the power to create some of the slickest flowcharts ever witnessed by businessmen. Venn diagrams, SWOT analyses, and stakeholder presentations are also a strength of this app, streamlining the process of creating them.

In other words, CEOs, COOs, creative directors — you name it, anyone can do it — they all can have what an expert architect designer has. The knack for designing charts.

And the best part? It can be designed with Gliffy in, well, a jiffy (not to sound too jingly, of course! There’s no better way to describe it other than ‘jiffy’).

Thanks to the huge image library at Gliffy’s disposal, no one would be starving for material to use. It’s all there in that little app.

Moreover, this is an excellent app for web developers looking for an easy construct on web site wireframes.

And trust me — every businessperson at one point or another would look at the word ‘wireframe’ and wonder what the heck that means. Gliffy makes it glaringly and almost stupidly easy to get, designed with autosave features and revision controls for collaborators working on a particular project —

Which that brings us to another huge benefit — it’s full integration and cloud-based power.

As long as team members have this app installed, anyone on the team can view the work in real time, sort of like how documents on Google Docs can be viewed by just about anyone on a team if allowed.

Again, Though: A Near-Perfect Score

You know I’ve got to try on this one, folks. Because truthfully there’s no app in the world that can be perfect.

While Gliffy was designed perfectly for what it was intended to do, the bottom line is that some businesses might consider this app to be too simple, too small. What about inclusivity? Finding an app that can do everything?

You see, the problem some may have with their cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops is that there may be too much clutter on the dashboard, homepage or launcher. In other words, the more apps there are, the slower a person — and a device! — gets. And that’s bad for business.

Sadly, it would only be a matter of time before an app comes out that can handle what Gliffy handles and then some. Gliffy’s challenge is to stay ahead of the game, to grow, to keep expanding. Or else the other Pac-Man apps out there will chomp Gliffy down.

So this little Google app better enjoy its day in the sun while it still can. The app universe is growing.

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