MarGenius Gives You A Social Network Path To Marketing

Marketing has always been regarded as more an art than a science. The methods that work in one case aren’t always transferable to another. But social networking has often given an edge to marketing efforts, whether you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the like to carry out the task. And a new such service, marGenius, looks to give you the edge your marketing needs.

MarGenius takes your address book, be it from Google or Microsoft, even Hotmail, and converts it into a map scheme, showing you if there are any people you can make contact with in your general vicinity. Those concerned about privacy need not be, as marGenius won’t be sharing that data around but just using it to map out potential locations. You can then use the app to call your contact, send email, or set up a meeting with them and relate it back to your schedule. Created by a small team in DC who found themselves together following a set of canceled meetings, marGenius provides a way to improve your “freestyling”, as they call it on American Pickers, in which you find contacts on the fly, things to do between meetings.

Marketing–and its direct handmaiden, sales–is a numbers game as much as anything else. The more people that get the word about a product or service, the more people you make contact with, the more people–usually–end up buying. So anything that allows you to make contact with more people in the same amount of time gives you an improved likelihood of making sales. The same goes if you can improve the quality of the contact; people who might not buy on the strength of an advertisement might buy if you make personal contact with them, or hand out a coupon at an event. The converse also applies, and any time you can take contacts that are less likely to buy out of the loop, you spend more time with those that are, and again, improve your odds of making a sale.

Since the app is in beta, it’s free right now, but a fee is likely to come into play later on down the line once the full version makes its appearance. Being device independent and without a specific download required, you won’t need a specific piece of hardware to get this one into play. Registration is a bit tricky as getting a registration key is something of a challenge (word out of the company suggests that you go ahead and register without a key, which appears to be possible), but fixes are in constant development.\

It will, however, be a fine idea to get some proper cloud-based telephony features in play to accommodate your ability to handle increased contacts. Having services like a toll-free number will allow customers to get in touch with you where ever they happen to be working out of–or where ever you made contact with them–and an auto attendant allows for those customers to be quickly routed to the person in your company most likely to help them.

Undoubtedly there are plenty of sales reps, sales managers, and businesses in general looking forward to seeing the marGenius app get fully fleshed out, and once it’s fully released, it will likely have a warm reception waiting for it.

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