Review: Don’t Tripp on the Tripp Lite Power Inverter

It’s not that hard a concept to not trip over any of those pesky cables and cords you’d find in an office complex to power your operation. Of course, typically you’ll find that kind of thing in a big corporation!

But what about a small business?

The Most Important Aspect of a Small Business

It’s power. Sustainability. Have you even seen a utility check? All that money can add up, and if you’re having trouble managing your utility — your lights, your internet, your phones, everything — you’ll have trouble managing your company. This is a valid fear.

Face it. We’re not large corporations with a huge umbrella of dollars to make sure all the payments are automatically made to keep the building(s) running. We’re small businesses, and our success largely depends on our own efforts!

Here’s something, though, that might help the everyday entrepreneur:

Introducing Tripp Lite

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What is Tripp Lite? Let’s do a complete rundown for you:

You’re looking at a company that provides premium products for powering your equipment conveniently. Ever had a power outage? That’s what Tripp Lite is for. That’s not all they’re for, but you get the picture.

Enjoy Your Power Inverter

If you were ever on the move — in a car or truck — or were suffering a serious power emergency of some kind within your business, a power inverter would be the answer.

A power inverter simply takes your DC to AC and gives your appliances, your equipment — basically anything you want — power. But not just any power.

Power from a mobile source. Like a vehicle.

You can even go through Tripp Lite for a heavy-duty inverter, something like a back-up generator — only this is the kind of equipment, once again, that will power whatever appliances or equipment you need upon hook-up.

Why Does This Matter to Small Businesses?

What if your business requires you to go mobile? What if travel is a necessity? Let’s assume your business requires equipment that constantly needs charge of some kind?

Tripp Lite’s the answer.

This is especially true for, say, buildingĀ contractors. Their office is basically in your home, or future home, or an office building. They work with very high-powered equipment. And they need a very valid power source.

The same can go for many self-employed, licensed, registered businessmen providing some sort of service.

But Not Every Businessman

Keep this in mind. Paying your utilities shouldn’t be a stretch — especially when there’s so many resources out there to help the entrepreneur. In the long run, monthly payments mostly wouldn’t break your bank if you play your cards right.

What does this mean? Tripp Lite might not be necessary for a small business that doesn’t require a certain amount of travel for corporate operations. If you’re mostly stationary, a power inverter really isn’t necessary.

The Bottom Line

Still, some of this equipment wouldn’t hurt! As mentioned, it’s handy for emergencies or disasters. And Lord knows an emergency or disaster can really hurt a small business.

If you run into a problem like that, keeping your phones on might be your only necessity. If that’s the case, a power inverter would help tremendously. Even better, making sure your lights are on would help you take care of what you need to take care of when you need to take care of it!

So don’t knock Tripp Lite. Just make sure it’s within your budget. Wait a second — not ‘knock.’

The word is ‘tripp’ over! Watch your feet for those cables and cords.

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