Dragon Go Makes Searches Voice-Activated Easy

Chances are you do a lot of typing in the course of your small business. If you pound keys like I do, you know that it’s not easy. And then if you want to take a little break and surf the web, you do more typing just to figure out how to get around. But if you want to make searching a whole lot easier, and voice powered, then Dragon Go from Nuance Communications is just what you want.

Those who depend on search engines to make their office run more smoothly will welcome this especially so.

What Dragon Go does is it basically allows you to perform searches with your voice, and then from there, determine what you want to do with those results. You’ll be able to run searches across a variety of platforms, including Google, Amazon, and several others from there so you’ll be able to search for specific things via specific engines. Thus, if you’re looking for places to find sushi, or places to buy tickets to that concert you want to see, you’ll be able to tell it what you want.

Having used voice-based searches before, I can tell you that they’re abundantly convenient, but there’s not a whole lot of value in them unless you do a lot of searches. Considering that the Dragon Go app is free, though, means if you even get one search’s worth of utility out of it, you’re still up on your investment. It’s hard to go wrong with a free app even in the worst of times, because having it on hand in case you need it is entirely possible.

Still though, having a voice-controlled search application like Dragon Go is well worth the expense, so go ahead and download it, assuming you’ve got an iPhone or iPad (or iPod Touch, though you’ll need an external mike), you’ll have a potentially very valuable search tool.

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