Over For iPhone Makes Adding Knowledge To Photos Sharp & Easy

With photo editing apps steadily growing in popularity–Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion is a pretty clear sign of that–it’s not surprising that more of them are making an appearance every day. One particularly impressive model, Over, looks to give users a critical edge by focusing on typography.

For those not familiar with typography, it’s simply words over images. Videos have focused on what’s called kinetic typography, incorporating movie speeches and the like into videos. In turn, it can also be used to put words over still pictures as well.

Over allows users to take a photo of their choice–whether found online (though copyright can be an issue in that case) or taken by the users themselves–add the text of their choice, and then modify the image from there. Users can change the font and font size on the picture, add tint, manipulate the alignment of the text, and more from there.

The app itself costs $1.99, and allows for further purchases to be made in the app itself, including a variety of different fonts that can be unlocked. The finished product, meanwhile, can be saved to the camera or exported to social networks, which in turn opens an array of possibilities for small business users.

In an economic environment where advertising needs to engage the user above all else, it’s plain that getting attention is harder than ever. Making images simultaneously evoke emotions and provide information is certainly a good step in the right direction. The use of typography in image construction may pull in some extra interest, especially those users who also want information. Providing contact information and calls to action are even easier to include, and can be front and center in the image itself.

Along with this kind of ultra-focused advertising, users can also incorporate cloud-based telephony tools to help manage the influx of new customers. Tools like hunt groups and instant conferencing can not only help funnel callers to the correct department, they can also help get the answers these callers need when they make calls in the first place.

Open looks to provide a lot of valuable help for users, and while some may dismiss it as a mere tool for the artistically inclined, Open has plenty of power for the small business looking to make images pop with the power of knowledge as well.