MotionX GPS Drive Brings New Accuracy To Driving

Getting from one place to another is seldom an easy thing, especially with all the other people out there looking to do exactly the same thing. But MotionX GPS Drive wants to make it a bit easier for your iPhone, including the new iPhone 5.’

MotionX GPS Drive has recently undergone some updates, so for those who haven’t given it a try lately, it may have changed a bit since your last experience. There are plenty of features that have been recently added, looking to make an impact on sheer precision in driving. For instance, recently, MotionX GPS Drive added active lane guidance, a feature which makes tricky intersections where there may be multiple turn lanes involved, and finding the wrong one may result in unanticipated delays or even getting lost. It’s also got an active speed limit display, that comes complete with a visible warning system, so that telling when you’re exceeding the speed limit is just a quick glance away, even when you’re on roads without a lot of visible speed limit signs. Further, it’s added on a full-screen map view to get the best view of the road around you, a little bit of social networking in the form of Facebook check-in when you actually reach your destination, and the ability to quickly reach the directions list from the map view.

Additionally, it’s also got plenty of features that already came with the system before the recent updates, like the ability to search by address or by the type of location desired like hospitals, airports and gas stations as well as a connection to Wikipedia built into the app itself. It also has a variety of in-app purchases, like different voice tones, live voice support, and more.

The app has a pretty simple layout to work with, so finding the things you want should be easy to get at. The display is nicely laid out, taking full advantage of the touch screen on your iOS device of choice. When an app is easy to use, and provides a lot of extra utility like MotionX GPS Drive has, calling it a good app is a solid choice indeed. Better yet, it only costs $.99, so getting this in play on your car will be a pretty easy thing to do indeed.

But it’s not just the ability to get around easily that makes a small business run; easy access to cloud-based telephony tools like find-me follow-me services and intelligent routing will go a long way in making sure that customers have an easy way to get a hold of you and get the answers they need to make them returning customers.

For those who also need to get around, meanwhile, MotionX GPS Drive will have all the value that you could ask for.

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