How Mobile Is Your Business?

Can you perform your job duties from anywhere? Current trends in mobile technology allow businesses to operate outside of the traditional confines of an office. Many companies have embraced these technological advances and reaped the benefits of increased flexibility and productivity. Three areas that have led the way in changing the face of business include: bring your own device policies, virtual meetings, and cloud and app services.

Bring Your Own Device

The days of companies issuing all equipment for employees are numbered. Many organizations are now allowing individuals to bring their own devices and use them for business purposes. Of course, this new trend is not without flaws. Organizations need to prepare now with policies about when and how personal devices can be used. In addition, thought needs to be given to what happens to proprietary information stored on personal devices in the case of an employee’s separation from the company or with the loss of equipment. Your company’s infrastructure is also very important. Can your network support various types of equipment? Is your wifi secure? Who will handle compatibility issues and troubleshoot problems?

Virtual Meetings

With the developments in video conferencing, it’s no longer imperative to bring everyone to the same place. Instead, businesses can hold meetings, collaboration sessions, and trainings in a virtual environment. This can lead to great cost savings for organizations both from reduced travel expenses and a decreased need for physical space, if employees are able to work remotely or on flexible schedules.

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Cloud and App Services

Cloud based services and apps allow access to your programs or data from anywhere as long as you are able to access the Internet. This benefits organizations because on-site or on-device storage requirements are drastically reduced. Numerous apps have also been developed to boost productivity and support mobile work environments. For example, the Halloo iOS7 app for iPhone, once released, will allow mobile access to the wonderful features of MyHalloo. Many of these tools were previously only available via a desktop computer.

Times are changing and mobile trends are replacing many of the ways that work was done in the past. We’d love to hear about the creative ways your company is employing technology to encourage mobile work environments. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.