Halloo Review – end of August 2016

Encourage Your Customers to Call Back

Have you ever thought you were ready to leave an effective phone message only to stutter or ramble after the beep? Or forget to leave your phone number?

With time being at a premium for everyone, that’s not going to improve your chances of getting called back.

Turn the odds in your favor with these helpful tips…

What is a Hunt Group?

hunt group automatically directs an incoming call to find an available (i.e. “not busy”) teammate at their personal extensions via your virtual phone system.

Each extension will be tried in order until a “open” extension is reached. Extensions will be skipped during call routing if the person is currently on the phone or has marked their extension as “blocked” from hunting. Continue reading…

Norfolk’s Startup Scene is Ship Shape

Surrounded by water on three sides, Norfolk has a long history as a strategic military and transportation point.

That bodes well for startups tied to science and technology, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. So much so that Norfolk was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as a Top 5 City for Entrepreneurs in 2013. Read more…