Halloo Hint: Hunt Group Routing

As the administrator on a Halloo account, you can establish hunt groups and customize the settings to best fit your organization’s needs. First, log into your Halloo account. After creating your hunt groups, it is time to select the hunt group routing features.

Changing Sequence

Click the desired radio dial (sequential or round robin) to change the routing sequence.

  • Sequential Routing – Sequential means that the call routing will start at the top of the member’s list and work down toward the bottom, in order, until an available teammate is found.
  • Round-Robin Routing – Round robin means that the starting extension will rotate and then proceed sequentially down the list until an available agent is found.
Hunt Group - Round Robin

Round Robin

Hunt Group Failure

Once you have created a group, you need to select what happens to the call if the hunt group routing does not reach an available team member.

Set Routing Options When All Are Unavailable

If your hunt group routing fails to find an available member, you can direct the call to the voicemail of an individual or a specially created user extension (for example, sales voicemail) by choosing the appropriate option from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the pop-up dialogue box.

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