Halloo Hint: Direct Inward Dial

Direct Inward Dial, or DID, allows you to add extra toll free or local numbers to your account. These additional numbers can then be attached to specific user extensions. Callers who have this direct number can bypass the auto attendant, allowing them to directly reach the person assigned to that extension. Additional DID lines can be added to your Halloo account for $4.95 per month, and can be either local or toll-free numbers.

How can you use DID to your advantage? By having DID lines attributed to specific extensions, you can reward customer loyalty by giving your best customers “special” access to the system, or a direct line to the appropriate internal contact. In addition, if you are running multiple marketing campaigns, you can associate each DID line to a specific type of advertising so that one number is associated with a radio ad, another with a television ad, and a third with a billboard.

Whether you choose to use DID lines to reward customer loyalty or measure campaign effectiveness, you’ll be contributing to a better bottom line!