Equipping Your Sales Team

Sales people organiationIn many organizations, sales is the most important part of business. It may come as a surprise that most salespeople claim that their company makes it difficult to meet quotas. Sales people who spend half their time performing administration duties have nothing to look forward to but lower sales numbers which affects your bottom line.

Organizing virtual administration for you sales team will greatly anhance their ability to concentrate solely on making sales for your company. Using Halloo’s features gives your employees time to concentrate on current and future sales.

Set Up a Local or Toll Free Phone Number

Halloo can get a number in any area code in the U.S. You can promote your business in your area and, when listed on your website, shows your commitment to your future customers.

If you don’t want to use a local number, then consider setting up a separate toll-free number. Toll free numbers offer the same features as local numbers and expand their reach to those out of city, county and state.

Multiple Extensions

One way to cut down on phone messages and confusion is to set up multiple extensions to each one of your sales staff. Using a directory, customers can directly contact their salesperson or leave them a message.

Never Miss a Call

Each user extension gives your sales people the ability to forward calls to an existing office, home, or mobile number. You can even route calls according to you weekly and daily schedule. No need to purchase new phones; it works with your existing phone system.

Make sure your sales force is equipped for the future using Halloo’s features.