Carat Looks To Put More Life In Your Mobile Hardware

Large amounts of small business depend heavily on one comparatively small thing: mobile devices. Keeping the batteries on those mobile devices running at their peak becomes all the more important, and that’s just what Carat wants to do.

Carat, available at no cost for both iOS and Android alike, analyzes your phone or tablet to determine just what’s running on it, and just what you should shut down to gain battery life. Carat will also show you the gain in battery life expected as a result of following Carat’s recommendations. Whether it’s an extra hour and fifteen minutes gained by shutting down a Skype connection, or an extra 27 minutes gained from taking MobileSMS off line, there’s always time to be gained, and juice to be saved, just by shutting off the lights on a couple mobile apps.

The apps in question are split into two categories: energy bugs, apps that are pulling more power than they should be due to malfunction or error, and energy hogs, apps that pull a lot more juice than normal and run in the background like streaming music and the like. You’ll be able to check each report individually or in aggregate to find the largest number of ways to find the largest amount of power to save with your device of choice.

Admittedly, battery technology seems to be only getting better, with some estimating that devices gain five percent extra battery life every year. Though others find this interminably slow growth, the additional power gained every year is likely to only help. Still, for those who want to get extra life out of their mobile gear right now, especially those who spend a lot of time operating well out of range of power connections, it will no doubt be worth their time to check in on Carat and see what recommendations it has for their mobile gear of choice. Since the app itself is free, it’s even more valuable.

But it won’t just be better batteries that keep a small business running, oh no. Cloud-based telephony features will also be a great use of battery life, especially when it comes to things like toll-free numbers and hunt groups, to help keep your small business running the same as your mobile gear does.

So for those who want to get some extra life out of the batteries in their mobile gear, then Carat is an app sufficiently precious to check out right away.