AskYourTargetMarket Gives Your Business A Marketing Edge

Perhaps one of the greatest tool to any business is marketing. Product, price, place and promotion are the four pillars on which you build your business. Just what will you sell? A product or a service? How much it cost? Where will it be available? How will everyone know about it? Knowing the answers are the cornerstone of your entire operation and market research helps you answer those questions.

An app called AskYourTargetMarket looks to makes it simpler, but not without a catch.

AskYourTargetMarket, for both Android and iOS, essentially offers you the chance to do exactly what the name implies, ask questions of your target market about your various marketing mix questions. Thanks to some recent changes, you’ll be able to send surveys out to clients, friends, even social network followers free of charge for as many surveys as you like. And, if your network of friends, family, and contacts isn’t quite broad enough to cover the depth of questioning you want to ask, you can access AskYourTargetMarket’s wider network of panel respondents to get your market research data.

You’ll be able to, thanks to those recent changes I mentioned previously, send out an unlimited number of surveys, but if you want to get in on the AskYourTargetMarket panel, you’ll have to shell out fully $.95 per survey, so a ten thousand respondent survey would run you $9500. Not too bad, as far as market research goes. And because you can tailor your respondents by demographic values–age, income, and so on–you know you’ll get the best results you can get based on the responses of people similar to your own demographic. Even better, you can use your own list, if you have one–and it’s a good idea to have one–for free, so you’ll get both cost effectiveness and accuracy.

So while your business will depend on cloud-based telephony systems, digital fax management, and hunt groups to keep your contacts straight, to get contacts at all, you’re going to need a prime marketing system. And the AskYourTargetMarket app will give you a good start on that.

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