Review: LinkedIn Has Stepped Up Even More Into the Small Business Arena

What? Another article about LinkedIn? Come on! This is like beating a dead horse. And we already know this horse isn’t really dead (more like a healthy thoroughbred).

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Review: Seesmic Ping Sees Into the Future

Synchronization. That’s honestly become the middle name (and first and last name, really) of truly good business practice. Everything needs to be synchronized, working harmoniously in a business. Like a well-oiled machine. But can you imagine that working with social media?

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Review: Get LinkedIn With Your Business

Normally, it would be customary to do a review on a revolutionary new service, site, or product out there — but today’s not normal. These days, nothing is normal! Just look at the small business market out there. It’s like shark-infested waters. And all you’ve got is your wet suit and a harpoon gun.

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Leverage Your Social Networking Efforts with Klout

It goes without saying that in business, reputation means everything.  What isn’t as obvious, is how to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.  Many businesses, whether traditional brick and mortar or those that exist entirely online, are turning to social networking opportunities such as Facebook and Twitter as part of their overall marketing strategy.  This is the new ‘word of mouth’, and it can be very powerful.

So how do you know if it is working, when measuring the conversion rate for your online efforts can be difficult?   Fortunately, a free service offered by can help!

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The newest social media resource for small business owners

The latest resource for small business owners that want to get a leg up on social media is here.. it’s called UpHype, and they’re a marketplace for those who offer small businesses their marketing services. Because most of the services are bundled as $8, $16 or $24, it’s very affordable for even the smallest business.

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Managing Customer Experience – When Customers Give you Lemons…

Effective Twitter BrandingTV actor Charlie Sheen, on a tirade against his (now former) employer, blitzed every major media outlet and amassed a Twitter following of 2 million people in about 2 days venting about how he had been wronged by the network executive.

Thanks to Sheen and Twitter, angry people everywhere now have the wherewithal to launch a full-scale brand attack on any service, product or boss that rubs them the wrong way. Businesses have an opportunity to make brand ambassadors out of their most difficult or dissatisfied customers, yet so few fail to do so – why?

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