The newest social media resource for small business owners

The latest resource for small business owners that want to get a leg up on social media is here.. it’s called UpHype, and they’re a marketplace for those who offer small businesses their marketing services. Because most of the services are bundled as $8, $16 or $24, it’s very affordable for even the smallest business.

After having spent a couple of hundred dollars buying various services, the most popular service packs seem to be –

1) Buying Facebook Likes

Cost was about $24 but most of the fans came from the Philippines. Worth it? Maybe, depending on your industry. If you’re selling something to the younger generation, this may be a good option.

2) Buying Twitter followers

Cost was $16. The only caveat is that getting a lot of followers means that you must also follow them. I bought 1,000 followers as an experiment to see what kind of followers I got – a mix of spam, real people, singles and shameless self promoters 🙂 Not worth it in my honest opinion.

3) Logo design

For $24, an offshore graphic designer made me a logo with 2 iterations. In logo design, iterations are important as small business folk are usually not satisfied with the first or even second versions of their company logo.

4) Audio recording

Getting someone with a professional voice to record a presentation of your product, service or store can cost over $150 for a few minutes on places like Some of those same voice narrators can be found on uphype for $24. Quality of the recording was good and timing was even and professionally done.

5) Photoshop work

For $24, one can hire a Photoshop expert for a specific project. Need a head-shot of your employees, a cropped image of your product or a slick brochure image of your store-front? No need to pay hourly, you can get decent work done here for a fair price.

* Not all of the products and services I bought were productive. In fact, the social media marketing packs that promise to give your website more exposure by mentioning your website to their “huge” twitter or Facebook following returned mostly bunk results.

Social media for small businesses

Buy Facebook or twitter exposure!

Try it! You’ll only be out $8 if it doesn’t work for you!

* Try and only buy packs from those who have reviews.