When Is A Mobile Website Right For Your Business?

Chances are you’ve been thinking about getting in on the mobile website craze, but you’ve probably been taken aback, wondering if it’s even necessary. And it is, in some cases. You’ve seen a bit of it here already, but I’m going to give you a quick rundown on just when a m.you.com website would be a smart idea.

1. Your customers are heavy mobile users. There’s no doubt that if you want to improve your business, you have to actually reach your customers. And if your customers are heavy mobile users, a mobile web site is a great option. Plus you have the ability to tailor your marketing to meet that site. You can offer mobile-only coupons or the like, and use the mobile connection to make a connection of your own with those same customers.

2. You have a substantial brick and mortar presence. When you’re in an actual storefront, the key point is to get people in the door. And as we’ve seen here previously, mobile devices can do a great job of helping you get people in the door. A mobile web presence lets you catch people when they’re out, and you want people knowing about your business when they’re already out.

3. You want a simple way to provide easy discounts. There is no better way to provide easy, on the spot discounts to your customer base than to have a mobile web site. After all, with a mobile web presence, your coupons and discount offers can be provided on any mobile device. And this means your customers have easy access to those discounts as well.

Those are just some of the reasons that a business would want a mobile web site. It can make a great part of your marketing plan, and an equally great way to engage your customer base, both of which are things that are extremely important to any small business owner.

So answering the question of when your small business can use a mobile website will prove to be somewhat difficult.  It will depend largely on your small business’ circumstances. However, we’ve given you three good metrics to check against your own business–if you’ve got others, they can be helpful–and those three will give you a great start toward figuring if you need to join the mobile revolution.

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