VoloMetrix Looks To Put Spark In Your Productivity

Productivity is a problem for most any business. If businesses don’t produce, they don’t make money. If they don’t make money, they don’t stay in business long. But the VoloMetrix app looks like a way to get an extra shot of all too necessary productivity in business.

VoloMetrix gives managers the tools to find out what’s going on in a business by virtue of analyzing the various other apps and programs active in a business’ normal course of operations. Collaborations software, email, customer relationship management and instant messaging all go into the mix. This allows a business to quickly and easily see just where a business is spending the bulk of its time, and what a business is spending the bulk of its time doing.

This allows for better organization of resources, determining where there needs to be more people in an operation, or more resources, or in either case where there needs to be less. The 80-20 rule may not be that hard and fast any more, but the disproportionate nature of customer service is still at least somewhat in play. Figuring out what should be going where, and what shouldn’t be, is a terrific way to get productivity back where it should be.

And while this can sound invasive–disturbingly so to some–VoloMetrix’s own CEO, Ryan Fuller, makes it quite clear that this isn’t supposed to be some kind of “Big Brother” app, but rather a way to centralize, and streamline, data collection that even consultants use in their initial stages. And Shasta Ventures has just put $1.6 million behind such a venture.

While it will be a while before VoloMetrix gets going in earnest, it’s going to be something that’s worth keeping an eye on. Anything that makes your business more efficient is going to be something that bears considering, and this one certainly looks like it will do a good job in pumping up productivity. But that’s not the only place to look for productivity gains; cloud-based telephony tools like instant conferencing and click to call systems can help provide that shot of productivity too.

Productivity is the heart of any business–large or small–and VoloMetrix can be a big part of getting productivity to its fullest.

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