Voice Branding in your Marketing Mix

Having consistent branding can give your company a competitive edge. The easier it is to distinguish your company, products, and services from those of your competitors, the better off your organization will be. Many organizations consider the visual aspects of their brand, but neglect the audio and voice components. However, auditory messaging deserves equal consideration in your overall branding strategy.

Voice branding can create a more comprehensive image for your organization. Think of how many of the technological components of your business are dependent on verbal messaging. Your phone holds auto attendant and interactive voice response prompts as well as on hold messages and outgoing greetings on voicemails.  Your organization’s web presence might include embedded audio, webinars, or E-learning experiences. Explanatory or introductory videos many also be part of your website.

Having a consistent voice throughout all of these channels helps build customer familiarity and can reinforce key components of your brand. For example, do you want your brand to sound friendly, serious, formal, authentic, or welcoming? The gender of the speaker and regional accents play a role in supporting the nuances of your brand as well. If you’re not sure you have the talent needed within your company, numerous services, such as Voice Bunny and Wyzowl, can help you create voice branding for reasonable rates.

Once you’ve decided the key characteristics of your auditory brand, you’ll want to think about which channel and how frequently to insert and update your voice messaging. Ensure the best experience for your customers, instead of simply using audio as a place filler. By thinking outside the box (for example, using voiceovers to support new products and services, announce special promotions, or better describe features of your product or service) your voice messaging efforts can significantly strengthen the overall marketing mix of your organization.