Uberlife Outdoes Foursquare–How You Can Take Advantage

One thing that it’s patently impossible to ignore is the importance of marketing. And while you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to marketing, assembling a social media marketing presence can be worth every minute you put into assembling it. Today we’re going to give you a little bit of an edge in your marketing by telling you about a new app called Uberlife.

Uberlife isn’t what you’d call in wide release yet–it’s still in alpha form, which, in software development terms, means it hasn’t even reached beta testing yet–and as such, isn’t very widely used. But the early word, which has this one already doing pretty well amongst the few people using it (there’s an entire community around this one, and it’s invitation only), says that this one may actually outdo Foursquare in terms of social networking capability, and thus, give the smart small business owner a shot at getting an early marketing edge, which is all too vital in an age when businesses find themselves tested to their breaking point, and beyond.

The big advantage to Uberlife over things like Foursquare is that, while users can create “Hangouts” to show where they are, Uberlife gives users the opportunity to show where they’re going. The Hangout is broadcast first on the service, and then can be used on Facebook and Twitter (which actually has quite a bit of integration come into play with Uberlife) to relay to the user’s broader network of friends and acquaintances. Even better, Uberlife is set to work with other such apps besides Foursquare, thus giving an opportunity to become the central hub.

And to top it all off, users can use Uberlife in a game style, getting points for when they meet other users at their Hangouts who then start following each other, as well as the user who originally set the Hangout. Thus, it’s to every user’s advantage to set up as many Hangouts as possible in a bid to beat others to the punch and have them turn into point generators for his or her own score.

Now, you can likely see an advantage inherent in such an app. The more you can do to accommodate users of Uberlife, the better chance you’ll have of getting them in your doors and looking at your products. You’ll be able to, for example, not only set your own business as a Hangout, but also provide contact information of other users–who give their permission to do so, of course–to allow them to connect and get their own points. This in turn lets them find out about your business, and share said business with their friends and other recent Uberlife users.

Once Uberlife starts getting out into more hands, you’ll likely be able to see dividends, especially so if your small business has a brick and mortar presence. It’s the kind of thing you’ll want to back up with a toll-free number and cloud-based telephony, of course, but it should prove a great way to get your name out there.