Swiftkey 3 Steps Up Productivity For Healthcare & Other Industries

When it comes to small business, time, quite literally, is money. Saving time is often a great step to saving money, and, when used properly, can even translate into money made for the business itself. That’s where Swiftkey 3 looks to help out.

Swiftkey 3 represents the newest version of the keyboard program that fills in some of the blanks for you, in that it tries to deduce what you’re typing and put it into play based on what it’s managed to learn from your previous writings. Naturally, the more writing you feed it, the better job it can do of predicting just what it is you’re going to say, and the new version allows for some extra features like a larger space bar, a key specifically geared toward commas, improvements in the punctuation sector, new themes, and a shot in the arm for languages as well. Swiftkey 3 now handles, in addition to the wide array of languages it already tackled, seven new languages, including Korean, Icelandic, Latvian, Serbian and Farsi to bring the total to 42.

Moreover, they’ve also got some subclasses of products that are more industry-specific; for instance, Swiftkey Healthcare is specifically built with health care professionals in mind, offering a way to take notes more easily for those in health care using tablets.

Swiftkey 3 is currently available on Google Play, specifically geared for Android devices. While some users may not find this one worthwhile, those looking to save time and put up with some occasional mistakes will likely find this one very welcome indeed. It’s a clever system, and will likely save some time when doing a lot of typing on portable devices. Of course, there will be those who say that keyboards and a decent typing course will do likewise. While that may be the case with tablets, with smartphones it will be a much taller order to get a keyboard that works with them and can still be used in a touch typing environment.

But it’s not just time savings that make a small business run smoothly; with that extra time you’ve saved, it’s a good idea to look into some cloud-based telephony features like toll-free numbers and click to call systems that allow your customers to get in touch with you easily and rapidly, thus letting you save even more time.

So while Swiftkey 3 may not be for everybody, it will put a lot of life in small businesses looking to save time, and by extension, save money.