Snapterms Lets You Assemble Simple Terms Of Service–Simply!

If you do any amount of business online, and you’ve been talking to a lawyer about it, then you may already be aware of the concept of terms of service. And if you’ve seen some websites’ terms of service, you know they can be an impenetrable wall of lawyer-speak that virtually no one can understand. Snapterms, however, looks to break the wall and make it much easier.

Snapterms is a recently-launched service that allows you to create simple terms of service documents that are both personalized and easy to understand for one price. You’ll be able to select from a variety of different pricing structures according to your needs and desires in terms of service documents, starting from the $149 Pro plan that provides both Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy, and going up to the Pro Plus plan for $299 that provides all that a Pro plan does with the added feature of a site review, support for sites that accept credit cards, and an additional 30 minute consultation. Lastly, the $299 Custom Plan provides all the Pro Plus plan does, but also includes support for COPPA, as well as those companies that deal in SaaS systems.

Operating without stated terms of service and policy programs can be dangerous, from a legal standpoint. Those extra services are especially useful for those sites that take credit cards, and can go a long way toward keeping your site safe against legal headaches, which as we know, are often the worst kind of headaches. And, even better, one of the folks behind Snapterms is Aaron Kelly, widely regarded as one of the best practitioners of Internet law currently operating today.

But all these extra legal protection means very little if you can’t handle the customers you have, so installing some cloud-based telephony features like digital fax and find-me, follow-me systems gives your customer base the best chance to contact you, thus increasing that chances that all this legal protection will be worth it.

Legal protection may not be the first thing many people think of when they go to set up their small business, but it’s the kind of thing that should be near the top of the list. And Snapterms may be just what your small business needs to ensure its own survival in the face of legal threat.

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