Review: Wrike Rocks (For a Big Work Group)

Project management is the name of the game these days in business and small business. Why? Because that’s what gets any corporation out there, right from the starting gate!┬áThink of it as a greyhound race. It’s Greystar versus One For the Money versus Hot Toddy versus Tequila Mockingbird, and everyone’s got their own bets.

But you know what? The dog that’s going to win is the one that has the ‘projects’ set up!

Metaphor too deep there? Know this: the super-smart auto attendants and efficient call centers get it! To make it simple, any business that has those projects set up for the company will have the best run out of the gate in the pack.

Obviously, what would come next is good CRM, marketing and advertising. That’s what would get a business right to the finish line. But don’t knock that first run out of the gate, people.

Project Management — It’s Important

Hence the reason for this smart app:


It’s called Wrike. Catchy name, don’t you think?

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars

There’s Not a Whole Lot That’s Bad About It

I’ve got to be honest. It was very difficult finding any kind of fault with this popular Google app:

You’re looking at an unlimited capacity to handle tasks, projects and collaborators all in one easy workspace on the computer, laptop, or smartphone.

That’s right — I said unlimited. How’s that for convenience?

And what’s really spiffy about Wrike is that any employee, CEO, chairman, executive, or janitor can easily assign tasks and even add comments or reminders through e-mail.

I know what many might say, though, about this whole e-mail thing: chaos, chaos, chaos. But here’s the beauty of Wrike:

It’s pure serenity. The app organizes all tasks specifically to actually solve that ‘INBOX chaos’ problem some companies have, where all the important e-mails go missing in a massive ocean of messages, some of them obviously being junk mail.

Yeah, I’m not kidding! Wrike even does some e-mail handling for you. Oh, yes. In addition, task tracking gets a 75% boost in efficiency through the use of chats and real-time track progress checking.

This means no more losing time on a lack of communication. Users on Wrike can know exactly how tasks or assignments are going in that immediate moment in time. It’s almost like Star Wars, Star Trek, Matrix quality technology.

Because of this, time is saved on scheduling, reminders, and notifications. Therefore, time is better used in, well, bettering the business!

Can’t argue with that.

But It Can’t Be All That Good….

It’s not. It comes pretty close.

The fact, though, is that Wrike doesn’t have a CRM tool as of yet. This goes back to the fact that Wrike does really well coming out of the gate, but if this greyhound had to round the last corner on the track, it would buckle bad and be left in last place. Sucks.

Not to mention there’s no user community at all. That simply means that users can’t help each other with Wrike. And let’s not forget that the honest truth about Wrike’s advantages shows up in the fact that they all apply toward the paid version!

And do you want to know how much a company has to shell out per month for this baby? Try $99. Oh, yeah. That’s a pretty penny.

Maybe for a large corporation, that’s not going to burn the bank. But if you’re a small business, the company wallet might get a little torched there. Just warning you.

The free version of Wrike, though, is available — but it’s not as comprehensive as the real deal. That, I guess, comes with the territory, though.

If you want the real benefits, fork over the dough. Plain and simple.

However, Still One of the Best Project Management Tools in the Game

Recognize, though, that if you’re a company already sailing away with great profits and some money to invest on something that can only improve the business, there’s probably nothing better than Wrike. And that’s no joke. I’m not getting paid to shell out this ‘positive’ review, people!

You want good project management? Get Wrike.

However, if you don’t have the money to spend for the full version, give the free version a shot, but don’t expect miles and miles of ease in your management of projects. There will still be some work to do.

But what do you expect? This is a greyhound race. And your money’s on the Hot Toddy. Let’s just hope the last turn isn’t a killer.

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