Review: Trada Your Way to Effective Marketing and Advertising (Maybe)

Those were the good ol’ days, really — when a business back in the dark ages had to advertise for a service to a group of people out in the village to handle for a reward or small pay as a means to advertise and market. Such as flyers, or simply put…. Spreading the word.

Enter: Crowdsourcing

Who would’ve thought that concept really existed back then? It did. And, yet, for some reason it seems to be all the rage in today’s marketing and advertising field, specifically for one free resource site available to small businesses everywhere called Trada.

Let’s first get back to what ‘crowdsourcing’ is: it’s a method of appointing a specific kind of work given to a community of people. Typically, that kind of ‘crowdsourcing’ involved certain tasks of menial labor or even distribution.

Things change, though — thanks to the internet.

Enter: Trada and What Trada Is

Go to and notice that it’s literally a community marketing site for your small business. You have a network of people existing anywhere in the world doing the SEO, marketing, and advertising for you on your Google Adwords or any other corresponding form. For free.

That’s right. Free.

Back when most individuals in any given community even expected a small pay or at least a gift, the concept of ‘free’ wasn’t possible. With Trada, it is. Your tasks are delivered to these individuals, and they handle it for you. However, the reason why it’s free is because it’s performance-based. They don’t get a cut until the numbers show for you on your end.

And There’s the Subtle Catch With Crowdsourcing: It’s Not Really Free

The reality is this: if you’re a small business, do you really need the help of high-powered cyberspace-fueled crowdsourcing technology to super-charge your marketing and advertising platform? Maybe.

But consider the fact that this was a business method that has existed since the dark ages. It still works, right? Most small businesses might be able to handle a local foundation, which means all you need to do is, say, post an ad on Craigslist, and you’re set!

In a nutshell, what still works well, probably won’t need to be improved on. Small businesses just need to remember what still works today. Technology may have advanced, but methods still work just as well even without that technology.

No worries.

Still…. With a site like Trada, especially if you’re a small business that reaches outside the local stratosphere, you might benefit from it! The only way to know, though, is to find out for yourself.

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