Review: The Heart of the Ocean, the Starfish

Of course, everyone may think that the “Heart of the Ocean” is this big diamond that the old lady threw back into the sea…. (sighs). Titanic, we love you.┬áNo, the reality is this “heart of the ocean” can be dubbed the MOTHER of all apps in the Google Apps Marketplace, and it’s effective like our trusty auto attendants and call centers that make small business efficiency priority 1 in the corporate world.

What can this app be, pray tell? Oh, you shall see. And you will never let go, Jack — never let go. Because small businesses everywhere will be saved from the cold waters of disorganization thanks to a little app called….

Starfish ERP

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

So this is a tremendously big deal for businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur, you may not see the reason for this kind of app — but you won’t know until you try it.

The app Starfish ERP has one simple goal to achieve for small businesses everywhere: to sync all other apps into one simple HUB of indestructible corporate force.

To give you a better idea of what the heck this thing is, know this: ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning.” If that went way over your head, know that this is a system of planning designed to organize just every single application (hence the whole MOTHER of apps thing I was alluding to earlier) you can have on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Make sense?

Let me spell it for you:

The Benefits of Starfish

Think of it this way. How many of you brush your back off your brow in frustration as you sift through all the apps you have in your business, thinking you’re optimized, and it takes you literally five minutes to manage just one app in the million or so apps you have that help run your corporation.

Okay, so that’s an exaggeration, but you get the picture.

Sometimes the convolution of apps in your system’s database can drive you nuts. Like a library with not much staffing available, the books get lost everywhere, and some pages get torn up.

It’s the same thing on your computer.

Starfish takes your apps and puts them into one easy-to-use system that anyone can get into. And I do mean anyone. Anyone in your business, of course.

With a piece-of-cake drag-and-drop interface, CEOs and just about anyone can optimize their desktop with the things they need when it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning.

The key to this advantage is malleability, adaptability, a way to customize to your needs.

Like I said, it’s the MOTHER of all apps. Jack Dawson, that cute boy on the Titanic, would’ve been proud.

How Much Organization You Need?

There’s the one thing, though, that states ‘why’? Why get an app to organize everything when you really don’t have that much to begin with?

Face it: you’re a small business. There’s not that much you need in terms of applications to help run your business. You simply need a quality OS system, maybe Android for your tablet or smartphone with all the business apps you like, and you should be good to go.


Who knows — it just depends on you and your business, I guess.

Just know that it does say a lot that the app Starfish ERP is free only with three business apps to organize and allowing three users total. That’s not a whole lot. You want unlimited apps to organize and optimize for use, pay $5 for each additional user per month!

That can get hefty, I guess.

But when you think about it, if you really do have that many people on staff for your company, chances are the apps to use for your business will be proportional, therefore convolute your system in a way that can only provide headaches, thereby requiring that you find an app to organize it all!

And maybe the Titanic would sink as well. Lord knows the iceberg’s coming.

So What Do You Think?

It’s a good app, yes? Starfish can be the King of the Sea, the App Sea, that is. But only if your business is big enough, really.

Hopefully not too big. Or else your rudder just won’t turn you quite fast enough for that darn iceberg! At least you’ll always have Jack Dawson to hold onto.

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