Review: The Concept of Computer Security in the Entrepreneurial Workplace

Okay, so this technically isn’t a ‘review’ of a certain ‘product.’ But it is a review of a concept! — Typically, a concept that costs moola.

But if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur looking to protect the company on the cyberspace level, guess what: you’re smart. You’re normal.

Rating: 5 out of 5

It’s a Jungle Out There

Think of the internet as the jungle in Jurassic Park. It’s a land that has both been lovingly discovered and untouched at the same time. That simply means everyone wants in on the territory, but you’ll lose an arm or leg to a velociraptor.

The internet’s just plain fun! But it can be pretty dangerous in there. Watch out for the T-Rexes, too.

We’re, of course, talking about everything from viruses, spyware, spammers, adware, cyber-terrorists, and the occasional pedophile.

So, naturally, if you’re online, you’ll need some protection — like a ray gun or something.

Three Things to Keep in Mind

Computer security then is obviously important. Most small business runners don’t really think about it given the comparative size. They think simply because they’re ‘small,’ they don’t need to worry about those trojan horses.

Viruses don’t care how small you are. They’ll attack you anyway.

So there are three things to keep in mind:

  • Arm Yourself With Anti-Spyware

Always the first line of defense. These days, businesses are hammered by all kinds of ‘spyware,’ types of software designed to slow down your networks, your databases, your entire company. The funny thing is these specific files aren’t actually viruses. They’re functional ‘services,’ however with the purpose of messing with your systems. Think of them as practical jokes. Only you, the business owner, are not laughing.

  • Load Up on the Best Anti-Virus Protection

Pretty much  a no-brainer, really. Even Grandma utilizes some form of anti-virus software! Cyberspace is littered with internet colds and flus and can really wreak havoc on your computers. And if you can’t get your functions, your paperwork, your tasks done for work on your computers, your business, well, can’t work. And the funny thing is most of the time your computers will work just fine (which is why most businesses don’t bother with the whole anti-virus thing). That’s when it turns to disaster upon the strike of a nasty trojan horse (a type of computer virus, just in case you were wondering).

  • Regular Password Change-up Formations

Like football. Shake up the opposition. You want your enemy to think you’re going for a Hail Mary? Nope. Pull in the bootleg or quarterback sneak! The touchdown is yours. That’s how passwords really should work. The fact remains: hackers love to look at passwords; it gives them an opportunity to crack them. Your business will be better protected if your systems are set up to regularly change passwords either on a weekly basis or monthly basis. No virus or spyware bandit can get in.

An Important Investment for Your Entrepreneurial Company

There you have it. But what about the cost? Here’s where the 5 for 5 rating comes in….

Most top-of-the-line protection softwares are free. That’s right: free. And for a small business, on the flip side of the coin, really that’s all you need, is the basic protection. There are services under those free downloads that offer ‘extra’ protection for a cost. If you’ve got the funds, go ahead and get them.

But where your cost really comes in is the fact that all this computer security stuff is complex enough to make sure you have a professional IT team in place. And that’ll cost you.

However, it’s well worth it when it comes to your company. Your computers, your systems, all your information — they all need to be protected! So don’t skimp on it. Lecture’s over. You may leave for your next class.

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