Review: Scatterslides Slides Into Home Plate!

We love to make fun of that presenter with the clicker or laser pointer, waiting for the moment when he turns around so we can spitball him and laugh. Presentations always get a bad rep, especially when using that archaic dinosaur of a slide projector.

Fortunately, things do change! Yay, PowerPoint. And let’s not forget about OpenOffice Impress. It’s like when your one-person secretary evolved into the efficient call center or auto attendant. Suddenly presenting became cool. Hip. Tubular. Thankfully so.

Because to this day meetings are important when it comes to business. It promotes productivity. And this is what this app is all about.

A Rundown on Scatterslides

Everyone loves a good Android smartphone. They’re the next generation’s biceps and muscle shirts and shoulder pads and attractive nylons. They make us look cool in a business sort of way.

….Ever use your smartphone as an actual remote control for your PowerPoint presentation? Naaaaah! That can’t be possible.

Oh, but it is. Scatterslides does just that.

Essentially, the app allows you to wirelessly connect with large displays for the purpose of presenting with PowerPoint or Impress. No cords. No needing to be behind a projector or desktop or even a laptop. Heck, you can walk around the entire boardroom and be all suave and sophisticated and business casual as long as you have your smartphone on you (which you always do).

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, your smartphone controls the presentation. You can even view your slides right on the phone in real-time. With a touchscreen, you simply need to swipe the screen of your smartphone to change slides.

You will, of course, need to download the free Scattershow Player to your PC or even on a thumb drive or flash drive in order for it work. But that’s no biggie. Plus you can try it for free.

The Big Bucks

That free trial, though, doesn’t last forever. You’re looking at a $9.99 purchase. Not too shabby given it’s a one-time deal. But here’s the other little nitpick:

This is a, well, picky app. Only certain phones may work with it well. Others might get cumbersome. It, of course, depends on your needs and your preference, I suppose.

In general, if you’ve got yourself a sleek, slick touchscreen Android phone with Bluetooth capability and a nice large screen, I’d say you’re golden. But not every smartphone is created equal (even if we humans are).

Is It a Homerun?

So judge for yourself. Is it for you? This doesn’t even mention the very fact that you might not have the need for presentations or presentation skills.

Just swing for the fences, I always say, though…. That’s the name of the game when it comes to the entrepreneurial world.

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