Review: Mojiva Advertising Network–Good For Very Specific Small Businesses

Advertising is the lifeblood of a whole lot of businesses. Whether you buy it or sell it, your business has a lot more to do with it than you think. And as such, ad networks have stepped in to help get advertising–and its accompanying dollars–moved around. One of the newest such networks to hit is Mojiva, who’s offering a lot of different directions for advertisers–buyers or sellers–to move in.

First, they’ve got a division for publishers, so if you’re running a blog or a web magazine or even one of the growing number of smartphone-centered magazines like Time and their ilk are going for (or, of course, News Corp’s The Daily), you’ll be able to launch some monetization capability there (and here, “monetization” means “to get something earning money”). You’ll also be able to step in and buy advertising, so if you’ve got a product or a service you want to promote to the wider web, you’ll be able to tackle that here.

They’ll also be heavy on the information in both directions, so if you ever wanted to learn anything about mobile advertising, you’re going to be able to get your start right here, and they even have it all pretty nicely set up, with lots of sub-tabs and easy menu navigation.

One thing, though, they’ll be somewhat shorter on, is viable information about how much any of this actually costs. Naturally they don’t want to reveal a whole lot until you’re actually buying, and signing up with these guys requires you to fork over a whole lot of personal information (they actually require a corporate name, so unless you actually have one you really can’t complete the application). Still though, if your business is heavily mobile–or deals with mobile products–you may want to get in on this one.

It’s very much a niche product, but for those of you that fit in the very tight range of people who even can use this, you’ll have a very good reason to try it out.

Score: ***

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