Review: FourSquare and Seven Years Ago

Or is it “Four score and seven years ago”? President Abraham Lincoln said that. And it was the beginning of the Gettysburg Address, stating that America is the Land of the Free. And it most certainly is. Why?

Because we have a wealth of opportunities in front of us. We can start our own business. We can do what we dream. And, naturally, if you’re an entrepreneur, you want the best resources possible in driving your business through your door and with dollar signs in your wallet. That is the American Dream.

So Here We Have Something Called “FourSquare”

Check this…. 4 out of 5 stars.




























Now that we got the rating out of the way, here’s the actual product: if you’re working a small business in the great U, S of A, you want something to help you drive customers to your company. Let’s face it: automobiles can only get the customers into the parking lot; it’ll take some advertising, some incentives, some real deals to get them through the door.

And that’s where FourSquare comes in. It’s a web site that features an app working with all kinds of smartphones, tapping consumers in to what’s all around their city, or other cities. Call it a HUB for advertising.

You like Twitter? Think of it as something like that. Only it’s more geographical.

How Does It Benefit Businesses












People all over who use the FourSquare app on their phone will be able to tap into all kinds of ‘specials’ offered online from business to business. Think of your business for a moment here: how would you possibly benefit from writing up one little ‘special’ on FourSquare for all to see?

You’d benefit loads. That’s instant advertising! That’s free advertising. Before you know it, flocks and flocks of people are storming toward you with an idea to buy your services and/or products. Why? Because you created an incentive for them. And they were able to view that incentive…on their phone!

Talk About Convenience…. However!

Yes, the smartphone era has provided so many conveniences. One click on an app, and we can find out all the starting times for all movies at any given theater. One click, and we can tap into the news, or the weather, or even buy music. Right on our phone.

But we’re in the small business arena here. Can the smartphones really help that much?


















Here’s the thing: none of the specials you run on FourSquare would work much at all if consumers aren’t there on their phones to see it! In other words, consumers need to use the app for it to benefit businesses.

Think of how many people out there might need to use such an app. Think of how many people out there might actually have a smartphone that works with the app! The number might actually get smaller and smaller….

The Real Deal of FourSquare

That’s the reason for the 4 out of 5. Usability. While it might be free to use, not everyone will probably use it! Who knows, though — it might grow to be amazingly popular, like Facebook or Pandora. In which case, if you’re a small business out there, you better get on the bandwagon and start posting the specials to rein in the customer cash.

That, above all things, should make President Abraham Lincoln pretty happy, don’t you think?

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