Review: BlogHer Empowers the Female Entrepreneur?

Let’s go through some necessary, yet obvious, information here: for one thing, a blog.

What? That’s it. Two words? A blog. Well, that’s not information here, right? That’s just a fragment with no real purpose. What the heck is going on with this blog? Are we reading it? Writing it? Playing catch with it?

Come on, people — keep up with me here. I said ‘necessary’, yet ‘obvious.’ Should I even beg to elaborate on the validity of a ‘blog’ to you? The word ‘blog’ should already make your head spin and say, ‘YES!’ Because it’s a valid part of business these days.

Utilizing Your Blog to Work For You

Enter: the BlogHer.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

You have to understand that if you’re using a blog for your business, you have to optimize it well for it to benefit you financially. Such is the case for an entrepreneur.

Here’s the thing, though — the site BlogHer is a site specifically for blogs run by women. And only women.

There’s a pointed advantage to that. Topics like love, sex, dating, family, friends — everything that has to do with feminine subjects — exists on this site. You can find blogs of all kinds — written by women, for women — on this site. And this site actually works to pay their bloggers through advertisements and special offers. Exposure is king here (actually, queen).

So you have a blog, right? And you want it to work for you. Right?

It Would Make Sense

Yes, it would make sense if you’re a female entrepreneur.

Let’s say you’re going into business for yourself, and you happen to be a woman. Okay. That’s great! That would be great — for anyone.

For countless years, it seemed as if women needed to climb the corporate ladder of dominance and independence. They’re still climbing it even today. Once we hear that there’s a woman out there who’s successfully created her very own business — either in a separate building, or at home — it’s a tremendous triumph.

There’s no doubt about that! I’m not down-playing anything like that at all — please don’t send the Amazons after me with their spears and blades. Women deserve to succeed as much as men do. That’s a state of fact.

Here’s the Problem With BlogHer

While it does make sense that a female blogger, entrepreneur, would benefit from listing her blog on a site like BlogHer, to be honest it doesn’t make sense that anyone would expect staggering results from it.

If you’re going into business for yourself, ask yourself this question: who’s your audience?

Is it men, women, children, corporate professionals, models, actors, dancers, artists, politicians?

The great thing about entrepreneurship is generally your audience involves everyone — not just a specific type. When it comes to business, maximizing your customer base is essential. You make more money when more people are available to buy your services and/or products.

And there lies the problem: the audience. BlogHer is designed for women, by women. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re going to want the best audience possible, and sorry to say that’s not only women — it’s everyone.

BlogHer will limit your blog if you’re a businesswoman focusing on a broad range of consumers.

On the Other Hand

Now if your business as a woman serves the general feminine public, the story’s quite different! You’re now targeting the demographic like Robin Hood and the bull’s eye. Or Tiger Woods and the 18th hole. Or Michael Jordan and the slam dunk.

Keep that in mind, though — your business needs to match the appropriate demographic — in this case, women. That’s the reason for the 3 out of 5 rating.

However, the bottom line is it wouldn’t hurt to list your blog in a site like BlogHer, no matter what your content is, because the fact remains:

You’re an Independent Woman. And You’re Going Into Business For Yourself!

Exposure is a good thing no matter where you are, no matter what you’re selling, no matter what you’re about. Just don’t limit yourself.

Now stand up and smile — because you did it. And here is a man sitting here on a chair writing this, applauding you.

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