Review: A Pivotal Turning Point With Pivotal Tracker

Project management is what gets small businesses going. Yes, yes, yes, the marketing and the advertising are the rockets red glare, but nothing beats the American flag of project management, the essence of entrepreneurs, our reason for achieving the business dream life, our own livelihood. So this review would make a ton of sense. Seriously, it would….

We’re talking about the phenomenal Google app known as the Pivotal Tracker.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

I swear to the almighty literary gods that I tried my damndest to find any kind of fault in this app. It just didn’t happen.

The only thing I could basically gather is that this remarkably mobile and flexible project management app just isn’t grounded enough for some corporations. There’s way too many benefits to even bother going into detail about that, though, except to simply say that it may or may not be for every company out there, especially the companies that are growing at astronomical rates.

But know this: a corporation carrying around its auto attendants and super-efficient call centers will also want to buy in on this fantastic piece of software. Seriously.

The Pivotal Lowdown on the “Tracker”

What are the benefits? Simply put, the Tracker revolves around something called ‘story-based.’ Think of a storyboard for creative ideas, and you’ll get the picture.

The only difference is this app optimizes that feature on the internet, allowing team members to collaborate and write feedback in real time, as if the members were there in the same room.

Talk about teamwork!

Moreover, major integration with the Google Apps or Google account is a major plus, plus any team member or CEO can share Google Docs and other files in a snap.

Thankfully, this is an app that’s available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. So those entrepreneurs out there that love to stay mobile with their smartphones or tablets? No problems here.

The app also integrates well with other effective business apps, like Get Satisfaction, JIRA, Lighthouse, Bugzilla, Campfire, and Zendesk.

It Can’t Be the Perfect Project Management App!

Close to it, obviously. One major concern is the lack of compatibility for other devices. Yes, yes — I know.

We love our iPod, iPad, iEverything. iThis, iThat. But quite frankly there’s more out there. Much, much more. Technology in the business world, without a doubt, has become much more inclusive and comprehensive. It’s no longer about competition.

It’s about providing options.

And needless to say, the Pivotal Tracker provides a lot. But not everything.

But Does That Really Matter?

I say nay (do people still say that?). If it works well, that’s all that matters. And Pivotal Tracker, well, works well.

An app certainly doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. Or else no other apps would need to be available! So keep this app in mind when considering effective project management. Remember: it’s all about America.

And the Pivotal Tracker wants you. Do you want it?

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