Is Your Company Ready for Mobile Users?

The ever-growing population of mobile users and devices are changing the face of business. With the growth of mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, companies that don’t evolve with the times will be left behind.

As mobile users continue to increase, businesses need to reconsider how they are presenting information on their websites, how customers are searching and shopping for items, and even how payments are taken. For more on how mobile is affecting business, check out this infographic from Kissmetrics.

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How Mobile is Changing Business
Source: How Mobile is Changing Business – Infographic

Google Analytics, or other similar tools, can help you keep track of how many mobile users are interacting with your site. As you monitor the growth of visitors using their phones or tablets on your site, you can determine the urgency for making upgrades to a more mobile-friendly design.

Have you taken steps to keep your business in tune with the needs of mobile users? If so, we’d love to hear how. Please share in the comment section below.