Quick Tips: Receptionists

Here are five tips you should give to your receptionist.

  1. Slow down. If someone asks you more than once what you just said, then you are speaking to fast.
  2. Receptionist Tips

  3. Enunciate. Because the person on the phone cannot see your lips, certain nuances in enunciation are lost.
  4. Ask for a Number. If you don’t know the answer, ask for the caller’s name and number and tell them that you find the answer and call them back.
  5. Don’t Be in a Rush. Always make the caller feel like you have a lot of time for them even if it means forwarding a call to a virtual receptionist.
  6. Smile While You Talk. As crazy as this sounds, the caller can hear it when you have a smile on your face even if you aren’t in a good mood.

These five tips will transform your receptionist from a good to great.