Why The Phone Is More Important to Business Success Than Ever

Having a business phone has long been a necessity. However, today it is more important than ever.  Because of smart phones and the impulsive nature of today’s consumer, having telephones that are manned by competent staff members is critical to your success.

Warm Inbound Leads Are The Most Valuable

Realistically, when you are trying to garner new clients for your business, inbound callers are much more likely to become clients. Inbound callers tend to already be looking for what they want and are ready to purchase. This is not the case with those who receive a cold call from your office.

The leads that are generated for your business are critical to generating new customers. Cold leads are those that must be called by someone on your staff. This type of telemarketing is generally ineffective. However, warm calls from callers who are interested have a very high closing rate. In fact it will take a tremendous amount of work on cold calls to even come close to the sales volume generated by warm calls.

Internet Users Search Differently

Mobile searches using phones, tablets and other Internet enabled devices are steadily increasing, while searching from a traditional computer has leveled off. Over 60% of mobile searchers follow up with a phone call. And of those who call a huge portion are ready to buy. In fact, a stunning 70% of those searching online will purchase within 1 hour.

Why People Call

Today’s consumers use their phone to reach businesses because it is convenient and is almost always with them. They may be looking for additional information, clarification on a concern they have or may simply want to deal with a real person. Whatever the case, having qualified staff to answer your phones is important.

What You Can Do

There are many things you can do to ensure you get your to reap the benefits of a good business phone plan. This means you must always have your phone answered. That includes not only staffing but also a cutting edge phone system with an auto attendant, voice mail and more.

You must also focus on your mobile web site. Plan to test your mobile website to make sure it is user friendly on a small device.  Click-to-call technology should also be a part of your website, to make it easy for users, and encouraging them to make the call.

Plan for success when it comes to the phone system at your business and you will be on the way to impressive sales numbers.