New Rosetta Stone App To Give Users Multilingual Advantage

The world is getting smaller by the day, it seems. Admittedly, most of that smaller world these days speaks English. But for those that want the kind of edge that only speaking to someone in their native tongue can provide, Rosetta Stone has a new mobile app coming your way.

Dubbed TotalE Studio HD, it’s designed to be used alongside the original Rosetta Stone app that was released not too long ago. While that particular app was a solid, worthwhile venture that presents a great way to learn a new language, the addition of TotalE Studio HD provides bonus functions that the original did not.

Perhaps the biggest missing feature on the original Rosetta Stone app was the ability to provide short, 50 minute sessions to multiple users at once. That feature is now in play, and gives mobile users the chance to practice their new languages with others, a feature that will likely not only improve retention but increase interest in the material as well.

Sadly, users will need a Wi-Fi connection to take advantage of the video chat sessions that can be used here, but that’s to be understood given the nature of video chat and 3G connectivity in general. But for those who want to pick up another language in a rapid fashion, they’ll be able to get all the functionality they’d want out of this one.

The augmented app, and its original, are both currently available on the iPad and through the Apple App Store for the low cost of free. The down side here is that you’ll need to have paid for the desktop software in order to get access to the app’s features, which isn’t the best way to go about it but is still worth the expense.

While much of the world does indeed speak English–largely an inevitable consequence of being the primary language of what is arguably both the world’s largest market and the issuer of the world’s reserve currency–there’s plenty to be said for the ability to do business in the language of the person in question. An app like TotalE Studio HD will go a long way toward making that happen.

But it’s not just language that makes a business happen, it’s also the ability to transmit that language back and forth, a cloud-based telephony service will go a long way toward providing. Features like hunt groups and toll free numbers allow users to not only better keep in touch with their customers, but also help ensure that those customers don’t walk away frustrated, which is the ultimate purpose of a communications system in the first place.

So for those users who want the kind of advantage that only being multilingual can provide, looking into the mobile apps from Rosetta Stone, like TotalE Studio HD, will be a fairly simple and efficient way to get that edge.