Mark Zuckerberg Regularly Uses Facebook, So Should Your Small Business

Maybe you think of Facebook as a big time-waster, but one thing’s for sure, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator, doesn’t. And you shouldn’t either, especially once you consider just how valuable it can be in your small business.

There are two sides to the equation here, which actually work against each other for Facebook but give you, as a small business, plenty more in the way of options than you might expect. See, Facebook can be used as a standard advertising source, or as a nonconventional advertiser.

Those wanting to go the standard advertising route will be happy to know that, in the not too distant future, Facebook will be looking to convince you that small businesses are welcome there. And they’ll be rolling out the red carpet for you in the form of a lot of free advertising coupons starting this October with an awareness campaign with area Chamber of Commerce locations, followed by the giveaway to happen in January of next year. They’ll be giving away $50 vouchers to 200,000 businesses, so you may be able to get in on that.

But where the interesting part kicks in is that a lot of people are already using Facebook to advertise. They’re offering up information about products and services, special deals, even offering giveaways that are entered via the simple expedient of having people like your Facebook page. This in turn provides you with steadily more people to send that information about products and services to, and all that marketing is done with no investment other than time.

So you can see, while all we really know, thanks to Zuckerberg’s own post on Facebook is that he’s on it all day long, you and your small business should be getting a presence in there besides for a variety of good reasons.

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