Make the Phone Ring Now

Every business has a phone and hearing it ring is one of the best sounds out there. It means that someone is thinking of your company, may want to do business with you; and is looking to connect. No matter why they pick up the phone, you have a golden opportunity to sell your business’s goods or services almost each time a call comes in. But what about when calls slow down? Not having the call volume you want can cost you money and lost opportunity. Luckily having a good plan in place can help your phone ring exactly when you want it to.

Drive People to Your Website

Put out new content in order to drive people to your website. Your efforts in blogging, guest blogging, forum posting, social media and more can deliver a variety of unique visitors to your site. Each time a visitor sees your site, he should find your company’s phone number repeatedly on every page, making it easy to make that initial contact by phone.

drive web traffic

Social Media

Social media is very important to making your phone ring. Jump on a controversial bandwagon. Post a funny picture. Or simply create an interesting message. Whatever you do to create buzz will benefit your business by driving people to your website and to your physical location. Be sure to choose the social medium that best caters to the people you want to reach.

Email Marketing

While social media depends on the site allowing you access to your account, there are other options out there that will allow you to reach your audience in a more effective manner. Email marketing depends on the list you create and maintain. You can reach 100% of them, rather than a paltry percentage allowed by the social media giants. While not 100% will open your email, your chances of success in making the phone ring are much better than with other methods.

Create a new targeted marketing plan in order to make the phone ring at your business. By using multiple avenues to reach potential clients with useful information, you can help drive call volume. As long as you have a reliable automated system in place and a solid sales strategy, you will be on your way to a better bottom line in no time with increased phone calls and more opportunities.