Lost In A Parking Lot? Try Find My Car Smarter

Sometimes an app comes along that’s named so perfectly, so very on the nose that it’s hard to imagine anyone ever making the mistake that it could do anything but what the name implies. Find My Car Smarter is just such an app.

Find My Car Smarter is geared to work with a variety of iOS devices, but only those which operate at least iOS 5.0. While this leaves a pretty wide slate of devices that won’t operate under those conditions, the app has been specifically optimized for iPhone 5, which is a great improvement.

As is commonly the case with iOS apps, there’s a free version and a pro version which will each provide different features. But either version will provide a very simple way for users to find their vehicles in a parking lot. Simply turn the app on right as you’re walking away from your car, and the app will remember the position of the car thanks to Bluetooth Smart technology. With this technology, the app can tell the car is parked, and that causes the GPS to activate. From there, the app remembers the position of the car, so launching the app will cause it to remember where its position was when it activated the GPS. That in turn allows an easy way to backtrack to the car, almost like a homing beacon might function. Better yet, there’s also Dropbox support, allowing users to share the car’s location with other users, allowing others to find their way back.

Something like this can also be used to establish a central point, not so much a car, necessarily, but anything else like an airport gate or a certain object.

The app itself is sound enough in terms of basic function–things do seem to get better when the upgrade to the pro version is done–and finding a car will likely prove much simpler with the app, especially in a crowded parking lot. A great one for outside sales reps, or anyone else who needs to get things done away from the office, and doesn’t have valuable time to spare searching around a parking lot trying to figure out where exactly they parked the car.

Find My Car Smarter is a great solution as navigation apps go–terrific for those outside the office–and while it may not serve all the functions some would like, it helps get back at least some of those precious minutes spent in the course of a day.