The Industrial Hub of the Midwest – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, KansasOnce nicknamed “Air Capital of the World”, Wichita, Kansas works as an industrial hub and center for culture. Home to entertainment and fun, Wichita is the largest city in the state and 9% below the national average for cost of living, according to Forbes. This affordability draws in a great crowd looking to start their own business and particularly work in the industrial sector.

With aviation being the main industry still to this day, businesses like Cessna Aircraft Company, the world’s highest-volume airplane manufacturer, play a vital role in the rest of Wichita’s economy. These booming aircraft businesses from the early 20th century are important nowadays as it was back when the city was revamped into a hub of U.S. aircraft production. Health Care is the second largest industry and creates over 28,000 jobs in the city and around.

Three universities reside in Wichita, including Wichita State University, the the third largest in the state. Along with education, Wichita produced influential people from businessmen Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, a private conglomerate with over $100B in revenue, to White Castle, an American regional hamburger restaurant chain, founders Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson.

Wichita Art Museum, the largest museum in Kansas, and the historic Orpheum Theatre supports the fact that Wichita is the center for culture, entertainment and fun. From Wichita River Festival, an enormous event with over 370,000 visitors, to the annual Wichita Black Arts Festival, the largest event for Wichita’s African-American community, this creative city is full of life and color. Home to Intrust Bank Arena, multi-purpose arena for sports, concerts and more, Wichita welcomes patrons and its residents to experience the culture and lifestyle.

From businesses like Cargill, a large private trading corporation, to Fiber Dynamic, Inc., a design and fabrication company, Wichita is a great place for business and not only in the industrial sector. Let Halloo help you with your business and/or startup. Find a Wichita area phone number for your business. To search numbers available in area code 316 click here.