How To Grow Your Phone Sales By Looking Small (Locally)

Looking like a local is the new black

In order for many small businesses to appear “bigger” than they are, there are plenty of reasons for SMBs to have toll free phone numbers. What’s often overlooked however, is that there are a number of products and services where customers like the idea of a local presence from small businesses.

There’s the vanity reason of course to have a toll free number, where it’s easier for customers to remember 1-888-4-movers than 1-888-5269876. There’s also the reason that a toll free number makes small businesses look more established. Personally, I think having multiple toll free numbers, especially one for customer support is a critical branding tool that tells the public that service is a focus for the small business owner.

But what about local DID numbers? What’s a DID?

Did you know that through services like Halloo, any small business owner can cheaply buy local numbers so that, for example, your service selling flowers online can place ads that advertise a Dallas number – even though you’re in Houston?

An acronym for Direct Inward Dial, DID numbers are offered by cloud-based telephony services like Halloo’s on demand – in virtually any city or part of town in the USA. You can look up the popular area codes for US cities here to buy local number area codes.

What’s the ROI?

These local phone numbers cost pennies a day and advertising metrics have shown that even on Adwords advertisements on Google, placing a local number not only has people picking up the phone to place their order (meaning you get a free customer without paying Google) but increases the conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who become a phone call).

Your Google ads with local numbers imbedded in them will look like –

Local telephone numbers for small business local DID

You can also imbed these local numbers in YellowPages ads, print ads and radio advertisements. Because the beauty of having a local number is so easy to order and have forward to your regular phone line, your small business can advertise much more effectively against local competition in the markets that are important to you.

Try it here. It’s ridiculously low cost, one mouse-click to order, and the ROI is going to be significant, especially if you’re already spending money on advertising to other cities outside your locale.