How AT&T’s Toggle Service Can Help Your Small Business

One of the greatest issues in small business is part of the human resources ladder. How far do you let your employees go with company owned electronics? Are you a “no Facebook, no Twitter, no fun or joy allowed” place? Are you a “everybody needs a break sometimes” place? Some places have different rules, and they run the gamut from “no personal use” to “anything as long as it doesn’t get in the way of work”.

And what about you small business owners out there? You don’t want to shell out for two phones, do you? One for work and one for your regular use? Now you don’t have to make that decision thanks to the new service from AT&T, Toggle.

AT&T Toggle allows you to take one phone and, essentially, break it into two halves, so that, much like the classic mullet hairstyle, you can have business in the front, and fun in the back. Switch Toggle into “work mode” and your phone accesses corporate email and all the standard work-related features. But when you’re needing a little down time, you can switch the phone to “personal” time, and all your apps and games and television shows and such come leaping to the front for your entertainment. Toggle even allows IT departments to use a web portal such that access to various applications and documents can be restricted, upgraded, or deleted outright as necessary. You’ll be able to run Toggle on any device packing Android 2.2, with any service providers’ phones. AT&T should have this ready in time for 2012.

If this works as advertised when it finally emerges, it should be a terrific product. Not only will it reduce your expenses by allowing you to use one phone for all your needs, but it will allow your employees–assuming you have them and they need cell phones too–to keep their normal phones and thus save you from buying phones. You may have to compensate a bit for minutes, but without the cost of phones on top of it, you come out ahead.

So if you need a lot of mobile phones on your staff, you may do well to get in on AT&T Toggle when it finally gets released next year.

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