Halloo Review – end of July 2016

First Impressions

First impressions are important, even more so via the phone. As a business owner, you will not be able to answer every call personally. When designing your voicemail, take a few moments to consider the first impression that your callers will receive. First impressions are made quickly – within the first seven seconds – and take a lot of effort to fix if you start off on the wrong foot. Continue reading…

Check Your Voicemail from Anywhere at Anytime

Are you a busy professional who is frequently on the road? Don’t worry, you can keep track of your Halloo voicemail by remotely accessing your Halloo account. When using a landline, cell phone, or non-VOIP phone line, you can check your voice mailbox by following these simple steps…(continue reading).

 Never Miss an Important Call with Call Forwarding

With call forwarding, there’s no need to sit and wait next to your office phone. You can input multiple forwarding phone numbers by visiting my.halloo.com. Incoming calls will be routed as directed, freeing you to go about your day without fear of missing that important business call. More…